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By integrating cutting-edge sensors with state-of-the-art cyber­netics, Eelume All-Terrain AUVs access and discover the secrets of the ocean without the constraints of tradi­tional under­water exploration.

Ultra-high-resolution 3D bathymetry and imagery

By blending the high per­for­mance of Synthetic Aper­ture Sonar with the reli­ability and robustness of conven­tional side-scans, the Solstice Multi-Aperture Sonar from Wavefront Systems provides world-class full swath imagery and 3D Digital Terrain Map (DTM) simultaneously

3D photogrammetry and photomosaic

Through intelligent inte­gration of state-of-the-art camera system and LED panels from VOYIS, evenly illu­minated and crisp true-color images are delivered to create 3D photo­grammetry and photo­mosaic of any under­water environment

Applications of All-Terrain AUVs

The ability to autonomously operate in any underwater terrain hugely expands the operational envelope of AUVs for environmentally friendly underwater exploration and surveys


By utilizing the All-Terrain maneuverability of our AUVs complex under­water surveys like under ice research can easily be realized by a fraction of the carbon footprint and costs compared to traditional under-ice surveys


The operational envelope of utilizing AUVs for inspection and monitoring of critical and complex under­water infra­structure is hugely expanded by applying the unique features of our All-Terrain AUVs


By removing operational constraints of traditional AUVs, our All-Terrain AUVs provide groundbreaking opportunities in defense applications such as ISR and MCM


The secrets of the ocean are yet to be discovered. Whether you are in arch­eology or seabed mapping our All-Terrain AUVs will eeluminate and unveil the unknowns of the ocean

Eelume S-series

The S-Series features a range of All-Terrain AUVs from 300m to 600m depth rating, open archi­tecture and a flexible payload config­uration for ultra-high quality oceanic data

Eelume M-series

The M-Series features a flexible and modular approach to 500m subsea resident systems addressing inspection and light intervention applications

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