Eelume M-series

The Eelume 500M series represents a modular AUV (Autonomous Under­water Vehicle) platform designed for oceanic space mapping, subsea inspection, maintenance, and repair. With our unique motorized articulation modules, the platform enables deployment of self-propelled robotic arms which can traverse large distances and conduct conventional surveys, access confined spaces inaccessible to conventional underwater vehicles, and, due to its adaptable design, undertake maintenance and repair tasks. When deployed as a resident system, it offers rapid response and flexible capabilities in proximity to subsea installations or areas of interest, thereby promoting sustainable, safer, and more cost-effective oceanic operations

Subsea resident

Designed to live subsea by being connected to a docking station on the seabed.

Safer and greener

A resident solution which can be mobilized 24/7 without the need for a surface vessel enables safer, greener and more cost-effective subsea operations.

Modular system

The platform consists of modules and is adaptable to a wide range of subsea operations. Modules can be connected in different combinations to form various types of vehicles.


The vehicle itself is a dexterous robotic arm which can operate tools and carry out intervention tasks.

Long range

By straightening the joints, the robot becomes slender like a torpedo and can transit over long distances like a survey AUV.

Access difficult areas

By using the joints the robot can change its shape to optimize the position and orientation of sensors. The flexible and slender body also enables the robot to access and operate in confined spaces.

The lightest and most flexible Under­water Inter­vention Drone on the market

The Eelume 500 M series is ideally suited for conducting inspections and light interventions on subsea structures, including offshore wind farms, fish farms, and oil & gas production facilities and pipelines. Vehicle configurations can also perform environmental surveys, such as detecting gas leaks, oil in water, salinity, temperature, and sound levels.

Our systems are engineered to operate subsea over extended periods, enabling 24/7 mobilization irrespective of weather conditions. Continuous IMR (Inspection, Maintenance, and Repair) capability near subsea installations eliminates the reliance on surface vessels, resulting in greener, safer, and more cost-effective subsea operations. The utilization of subsea resident autonomous vehicles could potentially reduce the cost of subsea operations by up to 90%. For missions requiring shorter durations, the system can be launched from a ship or shore.

Eelume 500 M

Physical spesifications

  • Depth rating:
  • 500 m
  • Length:
  • 250–600 cm
  • Diameter (body)
  • 20 cm
  • Weight in air​:
  • 70–180 kg
  • Speed
  • 0–2 knots


  • Endurance (ROV)
  • No limit
  • Endurance (AUV)
  • 1–8 hours

Payloads (configurable)

  • Video/stills (forward + down)
  • UHI (hyperspectral)
  • Profiling (3D) multibeam sonar
  • Forward-looking multibeam sonar
  • CT
  • Echosounder
  • Fluorometer
  • Methane
  • Hydrophone


  • INS with gyrocompass aided by DVL and acoustic positioning system (optional). GPS at surface.


  • Subsea: Acoustic comm link (AUV), tether (ROV)
  • Surface: WiFi, Iridium satellite comm

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